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Lowongan Kerja di Google My Business & Ads

Google sedang membutuhkan tenaga tester (Trusted Testers) untuk fitur terbaru mereka di departemen Google My Business & Ads, demikian bunyi sebuah posting di My Business Help Forum News yang dipublikasikan oleh Elisabeth dari Google.

Lowongan di Google My Business & Ads

Beikut bunyi postingan tersebut:

Here’s an exciting opportunity for US based small and medium sized businesses! The Google My Business and Ads teams are working on several new product features in 2016 to improve overall merchant/advertiser engagement and value. Before releasing these product features to the general public, we want to beta test them with a group of trusted business testers who are willing to use these features and provide detailed feedback to our product team to help them improve the experience.

The requirements include:

  • Willing to test out early stage products and features, and use the products consistently
  • Based on a business to customer model (not a marketing agency)
  • Have less than 100 employees
  • Willing to provide feedback to our product team
  • Willing to sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Preferred (not required) existing GMB or AdWords/AdWords Express user, a plus!

Jika berminat silahkan Anda mengisi formulirnya di sini Apply this form

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